For Sale By Owners: You’ve Got Options

For Sale By Owners: You’ve Got Options

Since the beginning of Bham WIiRE’s existence, our motto has been “You’ve Got Options” and now, I am glad to say that you have even more options.

I’ve recently become an Accredited Consutant in Real Estate® (ACRE®). As such, you’ve got more choices than you’ve ever had before as it relates to the approach that you use to sell your home and how you pay for the services that you received from an ACRE®.

We’ve always understood that you’re just trying to save money in real estate agent commissions and I understand that many agents have resented you for that. At the risk of being an outcast in my industry, I must say that I’ve always understood the need and desire of For Sale by Owners to save on commission. Who doesn’t want to save money? I can’t think of a soul. The real dilemma for you has been “the all or nothing” approach offered by Realtors® and real estate agents alike. You know what I mean: the approach whereby the real estate agent is fully in charge of every aspect of the process and you pay a designated commission upon the sale of the home.

For many years, if you were unsuccessful at selling your homes, you may have ultimately listed with an agent and given that one and only “all or nothing option”. As an ACRE, I can offer you more choices in ways that are important to you be allowing you to choose from a menu of services. And the best part about that is that you get to pay for only the services that you desire.

Now before you get too excited, trust me when I say that I am not talking about taking a single penny from you just for sticking your listing in the MLS. There are enough companies that offer that service and not much, if anything, else.

Make no mistake, I am a Realtor® and I take that very seriously. My experience and training has prepared me to:

  1. be an advocate for you
  2. offer you and sound counsel and guidance
  3. offer you the representation unmatched by an untrained person attempting to sell their home and most importantly
  4. manage and troubleshoot the pitfalls known widely throughout the world that is real estate.

I’ve been trained to do far more than that and as a practicing Realtor®, my experience counts for far more than you think. Sure you’ll save money, given your options, but that is not synonymous with discounting. There are even real estate agents that don’t thing that consulting services have a chance in this industry. But think about it, those are the same agents who didn’t believe that FSBO websites would proliferate the way that they have. Those are the agents who are all to comfortable with the “way that things have always been done.” And it’s quite possible that those are the agents who fear change.

One thing I know about you already without having met you is that you don’t fear the unknown. Heck if you did, you wouldn’t be trying to sell your own home. Am I right?

Thirty minutes of your time. That’s all I ask. Contact me today at 205-321-1200 and let’s talk about those options that you never knew you had.

Charita Cadenhead, Your Metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama Real Estate Broker of Choice

Got a question about Metropolitan Birmingham real estate? Just ask Charita. Need a good Realtor(R) to help you find a new home or sell the one you already own? Just shoot me an email. In need of a rental property? Subscribe to be notified whenever we list a new rental or home for sale.

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