Bham WIiRE Realty’s First EVER First Time Home Buyer Seminar a SUCCESS

Bham WIiRE Realty’s First EVER First Time Home Buyer Seminar a SUCCESS

We were very pleased with the turnout for our first EVER, First Time Home Buyer’s Seminar.  It was an intimate crowd which meant that everyone received the personalized attention that they deserved.

I started the seminar by giving an overview of what we hoped to accomplished including handling first things first when it comes to the home buying process.  That lead into the intro of our first speaker, Martha Hernandez of the Southern Mortgage Group.  Martha gave a wonderful overview of the mortgage qualifying and loan process.  Attendees were very receptive of the advice given and gained a definite advantage over the average home buyer who has not attended such a seminar.

After Martha’s talk, she answered questions and then I followed up with a brief discussion of what we do while the loan officer is pre-qualifying the applicant and what to expect during the search. 

Demetrius then said a few words and introduced Home Inspector Brian Nix of Integrity Home Inspections.  It is very unlikely that anyone in this group would even consider bypassing the home inspection after hearing Brian.  In addition to being a home inspection, Brian is an engineer, contractor and has a background in HVAC among other things and continues to seek other degrees and certifications to better aid those he serves.

After Brian’s talk Demetrius, Faye Morrow and myself (The Bham WIiRE Team) continued to discuss the importance of the Realtor®/buyer relationship, the committment to one another as well as the entire home buying team.  We outlined expectations and how to keep a positive attitude and a realistic grasp on the realities of the market.

This was our first FTHB Seminar, but definitely not our last.  Thanks to everyone in attendance.

First Time Home Buyer SeminarFirst Time Home Buyer Seminar

First Time Home Buyer Seminar First Time Home Buyer Seminar

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