Contractor or Home Inspector…..Which to Chose

Contractor vs Home Inspector.  What’s the Difference When Buying Your Birmingham Alabama Home?

I just want to further expound on a post by Barbara Hensley with regard to home inspectors vs contractors pretending to be home inspectors.


with just right emphasis on each and makes recommendations for repair or additional inspection by a specialist in the area of concern (plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc).

A CONTRACTOR’S SOLE PURPOSE (as told to me years ago by my contractor friend, Joe Lockett, with H2G) IS TO DO THE WORK THAT YOU’VE IDENTIFIED FOR HIM/HER TO DO.  The contractors job is NOT to tell you what you need to do to the home.  His/her only job is to tell you what needs to be done to accomplish the work that you’ve instructed him to do.  If you are relying on the contractor to walk through a house and point out everything that needs to be done before making a home buying decision, then when you get the house, just give the contractor a blank check and that should cover all of the repairs.

If you remember those 2 things, then you’ll keep on the straight and narrow and you’ll never need to wonder whether you need a licensed home inspector or a contractor.

Here are additional clues that you should run as far away as possible from your contractor friend with regard to the contractor performing the home inspection.

You’ve looked at a home and before you make an offer, you want your contractor friend to look at the house. This home happens to be vacant.

Clue #1:  If the contractor agrees to take a look at the home and does not ask if all utilities are on, then run like the wind

Clue #2:  If the contractor makes his/her way to the property and inspects the property without the benefit of power, water and gas…..then run like hell

Clue #3:  If the contractor conducts the “so-called” inspection in 30 minutes or less regardless to whether lights are on or not and you believe he has been thorough……then you should not become a homeowner at this time.  The average home inspections runs an approximate minimum of 2 hours.

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