Small Fish Swim Too No Matter the Size of the Pond

Small Fish Swim Too No Matter the Size of the Pond

This message is for home sellers and small real estate firms everywhere.

For Home Sellers
Please know that listing your home with a BIG franchise company does not guarantee the sale of your home. If you chose an incompetent or less than capable agent who works for a BIG firm, your home is likely to be just a sitting duck ust like it would be if you listed it with an incompetent agent at a small firm. Please know that small firms have agents that are just as competent as your perceived notion that bigger is better.

What really matters is that you select an agent that you can have confidence in no matter what company s/he works for whether big or small. What matters is that you hire someone based on their merits and who can stand on their own without a dependence or reliance on anyone else to get the job done (outside of co-operative relationships ). The truth of the matter is that real estate agents sell homes NOT the companies that they work work for. I only use the phrase “work for” because that’s how you view it. The fact is that most agents “work for themselves and NOT a company. Did you know that? Chances are that you didn’t. In large part, real estate agents are independent contractors (IRS reference).

For Boutique Brokerages
You have to feel confident and competent every day of the week and know that you have just as much to offer as any competent agent whose license is held with one of the the BIG dogs. You need to be mindful that it’s not the company that you keep, it’s what you do to keep the company that you have and in many cases, the company is your own.

This is not a jab at you. Trust me it’s not. I got my foundation at a BIG BOX firm and I don’t regret a minute of it. I learned valueable lessons there. Lessons that I will carry with me for as long as I remain in the real estate business and beyond. But know this: My learning experience did not stop the day I parted company.

I, Charita Cadenhead, am a trusted and competent Realtor®. Bham WIiRE Realty is a small fish in a big pond. I continually sharpen my skills and I am dedicated to my craft. Every client, without exception, gets the very best service that I have to offer. I am an independent broker and if ever I should seek to be an independent contractor by hanging my hat (license) elsewhere, you’ll continue to get the very best in service. And THAT is my promise to you.

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