Need to Sell Your Property That Needs a Little TLC?

Need to Sell Your Property That Needs a Little TLC?

If so, then Metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama area investors are looking for you. The tornadoes that ravaged through Alabama a few weeks ago left behind a population of people that are now literally homeless. Some are living with relatives. For some, their insurance providers are housing them in rental homes and hotels.

Some were renters. Others were homeowners. As a result investors are scrambling to find investment properties that will serve as rental properties. It’s without question that they want to get the best buy that they can get. But beyond that and perhaps more importantly, they recognize a need and are aiming to fill it. And for you, well of course you want top to dollar.

If you’ve got a property that you feel may be an idea candidate for one or more of our investors, please give Charita Cadenhead a call at 205-321-1200. Bham WiiRE Realty can help you maximize the financial potential of your property for sale. We’ll help find that investor who’s looking for a property just like yours and get you a fair price.

Everybody wins and you can’t hardly do better than that.

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