I Wish I Had Listened to You

I Wish I Had Listened to You 

This is an email that I recently received from someone who contacted me about a year ago.

Good afternoon Mrs. Charita,
 Hello again this is _________________and we spoke briefly last year when I was interested in doing a lease purchase home. Well I wish I would have took your advice then and went ahead and qualified for buying. Well for the last three months I have had no luck. It’s not so much with the money part but I have went through numerous agents and sites and they have been pulling my credit until it has went all the way down.

My response:

Hi _______________________

I’m really sorry to hear that your situation has changed but let’s not give up hope yet.  I know that your credit score has dropped because of the number of times that your credit has been pulled, but if I am going to help in any way, I’ll need to connect you with a loan officer that I trust to guide you through the process.  She’ll have to review your credit, but the great thing about it is that she is great is helping people to get their credit together and raise their scores so that they can purchase so don’t give up hope yet.

In the meantime, it may be a good idea to put off any move for the next 6 months to a year while you get your credit back in order.


I always hate to hear this.  Whenever I make initial contact with prospective buyers, I always encourage them to go ahead and see if they can get qualified for a home purchase.  If they can and if possible, it is advisable to move forward because you never know when circumstances.

Originally Posted on my ActiveRain Blog.

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