Consider the Source: Not all internet real estate sources are reliable

Here’s a warning when it comes to relying on information on the internet when you’re planning buying and selling real estate.

There is so much information available on the internet and because of the professional “look and feel” of a website, one might consider it to be legit or a reliable source of information.

A prime example is that I see people quoting Wikipedia all of the time. Many fail to realize that the general public can post information on the Wikipedia website and just because they can, it does not make them an expert or reliable source on any given topic.

When researching information about your local real estate, a real estate agent is going to prove to be your most valuable source.  But even then, fact checking may be in order.  Don’t be fooled just because a website name sounds familiar.  Oftentimes I’ll do a keyword search to see if any major news outlets are reporting any new information.   This is a good way to fact check.

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